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Give A Gift Today


Red Earth Community Foundation has a number of ways you can actively give and participate in the Burnett Inland and beyond helping itself.


Some of the ways are:


Public Ancillary Fund

Red Earth’s Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) will be available shortly to accept tax deductible donations from the public. Public Ancillary Funds are established as not-for-profit entities solely for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits to eligible DGRs that are not ancillary funds. 


Check back in here soon for more information including how you might be able to set up a sub-fund as a vehicle for your philanthropy



If you are thinking about how you can create or continue a legacy talk to us and your legal and financial advisers about:

  • Leaving a bequest of money or another asset in your will. This is a great way to establish a legacy that lives on helping charitable causes important to you


Regular Giving

  • You can donate directly to Red Earth’s General Fund and together with others, pool financial resources that can support needs within the Burnett Inland. This can be a one-off gift or as often as you like with as much as you wish to donate.  We will keep you updated on how the funds are used through our Annual Report, social media and other events

  • Red Earth introduced live crowd funding, under the banner "Red Pitch" to the South Burnett in December 2018. Follow us on social media to find out when the next event is on, or if you know of projects that could be nominated for funding through Red Pitch, talk to one of the board members for more information.

  • Personally or through your business financially support someone accelerate their personal leadership journey by offering to pay for their fees to attend the annual Red Earth Community Leadership Program. Check out what some of the 200 participants of the RECLP say about how it has helped them.

  • Give where you live through various initiatives and active giving opportunities in the Burnett Region.

We will work with you individually to ensure your philanthropy is effective, personal, meaningful, and fulfilling.


From simple to complex, we’re able to facilitate the gift that makes the most sense for you.

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