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Become an Ambassador

The Ambassador Program is critical to the Foundation’s ongoing success.  We often hear the comment “what does Red Earth do”. The question we prefer people ask is “What can Red Earth do” when residents and others get behind its philanthropic structure and enable it’s long-term vision for “a stronger Burnett Inland for everyone”.

Our Ambassador role invites local people, some who are already connected into the Foundation’s different activities to share with others what they will hear about Red Earth. We will communicate with our Ambassadors through regular newsletters, emails, events and on social media.

Our Ambassadors are our eyes and ears and our mouthpieces and our expectation is that they will form a stronger communication network into the Burnett Inland sharing with residents Red Earth’s activities, initiatives and strategic goals and plans. It’s a simple way to strengthen our community-owned structure by encouraging more people to own Red Earth’s future.

One of the expectations of Ambassadors is that they will provide feedback to the Board on Burnett Inland issues, ideas and emerging opportunities that they hear about through their networks. Red Earth is keen participate in proactive engagement and foster opportunity to work together to strengthen our region for the long-term.

We invite you to come onboard and be part of the army of people purposefully creating the Burnett Inland's future they hope for.

Should you wish to become involved in our Ambassador program please email our project officer at . 

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