Red Earth Community Leadership Program


Since 2014, over 120 people have participated in the annual Red Earth Community Leadership Program which is designed to not only benefit them personally, but to grow stronger business and community networks which will bring social and economic benefit to our entire community.


We know the program is achieving this in many communities across the North and South Burnett, and through RECLP 2020 we want to ensure the continued growth and development of the individuals who make our regions the wonderful places they are.


There are many ways you can be involved in this exciting initiative:

  • Support the participation of someone from your workplace or business through a sponsorship or from your staff training budget

  • Individual sponsorship of someone from your community - we often have community members wishing to attend the program who don't have the financial means and this is a great way of connecting a sponsor with their participant

  • Offering to be a speaker, presenting on topics relevant to the program

  • Provide an in-kind donation for example: food or meals for the participants as we prepare and serve breakfasts, morning & afternoon teas, lunches and dinners throughout the duration of the program

Contribute  to the Community Leadership Program

I wasn't sure what I was looking for when I decided to participate in the SBCLP. I now know I was missing a feeling of real connection with my community. The program brought me that connection and as I watch it continue each year I see that feeling rippling through the community connecting more and more people. Inspiring us to all work together and pull together as a community in the good times and also in times of trouble. As I watch events and issues unfold in our area I feel the community as a whole is continuing to grow stronger and more resilient. Having such a solid leadership program continues to be of great benefit to us all. 

Helen Roth


I spent four years doing a Masters degree in Leadership, in which I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed.  I enjoyed and learnt as much participating in the SBCLP as I did in my Masters course (if not more) - with the added benefit of making great new friends from the Burnett region, recognising my own value as a leader and team member, and joining a larger alumni who are passionate about their communities and about leadership.  I can't speak highly enough of Red Earth's program and look forward to supporting it for many years to come.

Andrew Bryant


Red Earth's community leadership program has given me both the skills and the confidence to put myself "out there" and to take hold of opportunities I would previously thought "good idea" but not thought I was "enough" to try for it. I have developed an extensive group of mentors, peers and friends that I can turn to for both community and personal growth.  I feel the program has shown me how to access the keys to the door, a map for the journey and the resources to venture on. Thank you!

Beck Cross


What an eye opening and crucial program.

I have learned to listen to other people and, on a personal note, listen to my family.  Content which I found very informative included how to find strengths in others; hearing about other people’s ideas and points of view. I learned how to bring groups of people together for the same goal and also the importance of looking at your employees in a different light.  As a result, my work and home life has improved.

Mark Magisana


The South Burnett Community Leadership Program has made me able to understand and believe in myself and my capabilities.  In turn this has helped me to help my community in a positive way.

Narelle Black


The Red Earth Program not only supports its participants but it supports our entire community. There have been many positive outcomes achieved within our community as a result of our alumni network working together in a stronger, more cohesive way. Our alumni has become a strength of our community.

Steph Denman


Leadership is not a position or a title, it's an action and example


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