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Who is the Red Earth Community Foundation ?

Red Earth Community Foundation (Red Earth) was established by local community leaders in 2013 to support the Burnett Inland region to thrive into its future.


The founders of Red Earth recognised the Burnett Inland, particularly following the millennial drought in the early 2000’s and the 2011 and 2013 floods, needed a vehicle that could harness the pace of change occurring in rural Australia to ensure all our challenges could be kept ahead of and opportunities could be maximised for future generations.


Having begun with a South Burnett focus it has now expanded to include the North Burnett and Cherbourg Aboriginal Council local government areas. These three (3) regions make up the Burnett Inland.


Red Earth exists for its people, and focuses on identifying and harnessing human, financial and other resources to strengthen the capacity of individuals and their networks across the Burnett Inland.


At the heart of everything Red Earth does is the concept of paying it forward, whether that’s coordinating and hosting our annual Community Leadership Program, providing our philanthropic structure to support and distribute over $90,000 of local fundraising as a result of the Mayor’s Red Earth Flood Appeal, acquiring funding to hold resilience building workshops, or bringing together donors to raise funds to support Burnett Inland initiatives.


Red Earth has a very clear vision to grow an even better Burnett Inland for everyone and is closely guided by its mission to invest in people as a vehicle for change for the Burnett Inland and beyond to thrive into the future.


Our commitment is to continue providing a backbone structure that enables the practical steps needed to be taken today to build the Burnett Inland that our future generations inherit in 20, 30 and 50 years time. 

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