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Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal
Red Earth Community Foundation
Futures Fund

Red Earth Futures Fund (REFF) is a funding vehicle established by Red Earth Community Foundation to facilitate and encourage grassroots philanthropy by individuals and entities who reside or generate economic benefits (their treasure) from the physical and intangible assets of the Burnett Inland. REFF enables current and future generations to realise their co-designed, preferred future state.

Since its beginning in 2013, Red Earth Community Foundation (Red Earth) has prioritised investing in people as the catalyst to build a better Burnett Inland for everyone. REFF has been shaped by consultation and ongoing co-design activities facilitated by Red Earth activities such as the annual Red Earth Community Leadership Program (RECLP), ongoing engagement with RECLP alumni, workshops, study tours, partnerships, fundraising activities and board members and staff undertaking targeted and ongoing engagement with influential community leaders, national philanthropic organisations and numerous individuals and representative groups across the Burnett Inland.

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