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Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal
Red Earth Community Foundation
Resilience Fund

Red Earth values the special relationship it has with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal.  We are grateful for the support that FRRR provides Red Earth through a specially dedicated fundraising account “Red Earth Community Foundation Burnett Inland Resilience Fund” (RECFBI Resilience Fund). This means you can make a tax-deductible gift to FRRR and ask it to be credited towards the RECFBI Resilience Fund. After the appropriate arrangements have been agreed between FRRR and Red Earth, FRRR will make a grant of the money raised (less fees) to the Project / Activities.  

Talk to a Board Member about this to understand how we can work together to build the long term resilience of the Burnett Inland.


Please note - if a donor’s preferences cannot be met, such as when a project cannot proceed or an organisation is no longer viable, FRRR will direct funds toward charitable activities which FRRR considers to reflect as closely as possible the charitable purposes the donor wished to support. 

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