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Gifts in Memory

Our Burnett Inland region is what it is today because of the hard working, creative, enterprising and resilient people who play their part in so many different ways to make our region so great.

Red Earth’s ‘Gifts in Memory’ program offers donors an opportunity to contribute funds in honour of a loved one or another person from the Burnett Inland who contributed something special to who you are today. Their contribution to you may be small or significant however you may now be in a position as a result of inherited funds or from your own personal income create opportunities for generations following you to experience something similar.

Our team of skilful volunteer writers work closely with donors to craft impactful stories in memory of the person you are giving in memory of. Most importantly our volunteer writers will aim to capture ‘the why’ you have chosen to donate in their memory, so that we can continue to grow the strengths of the Burnett Inland for future generations.

Do you have a connection to the Burnett Inland? Do you want to pay forward to help others? If your loved one or someone else who has helped shape your life lived in the Burnett Inland and has now passed, Red Earth Community Foundation invites you to create a lifelong memory and legacy by honouring their memory with a financial contribution to our Gifts in Memory Program.

To find out more please email and our representatives will make contact with you to discuss.


You can make a donation HERE and one of our team will be in contact with you shorty.

If you would like to volunteer as a writer, please contact for more information.

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