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Red Earth Community Foundation 
Community Appeals

Red Earth is excited to be celebrating 10 years of giving in the Burnett Inland.

Our region is rich in natural capital – the land, the water, and the air, and we are even richer in human capital. Bringing these together gives us a terrific advantage! We also know we live in times where global expectations and priorities will affect our daily lives, where policies developed beyond our region will be implemented here, and as your Community Foundation, we are committed to providing a space where you can be part of planning your future upon a reliable backbone, where you can join with others, where you can cheer each other on, and where we can support each other as we navigate new territory.

Red Earth’s exists for its people and focuses on identifying and harnessing human, financial and other resources to strengthen the capacity of individuals and their networks across the Burnett Inland. Our structure is perfect for individuals who have grown up in the Burnett Inland and want to pay it forward for others.



Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Contribute towards sponsorship of future Red Earth Community Leadership Participants

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