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Meet our Team

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General Manager

Melinda was the first North Burnett Member to be appointed as a director on the board of Red Earth. Her vision for Red Earth is to enable and strengthen communities within the Burnett Region and believes that this foundation is key to establishing strong partnerships across the Burnett that will create change for the betterment of both of our regions.

Melinda was born in QLD but grew up in rural Victoria. About 18 years ago she chose to settle in the North Burnett region with her family. With over 25 years experience within the Tourism, Economic & Community Development sectors combined Melinda is skilled in Nonprofit Organisations, Business and Strategic Planning, Local Government, Youth and Community Development, grant applications, event management and Hospitality Industry practices.

Melinda has a strong passion and commitment to Community and the potential of all individuals. She holds executive positions on a local Tourism and Chamber of Commerce group, Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation and is a Local Government Councillor.

Melinda is excited to be a part of the Red Earth Community Foundation team and seeing the leadership development of the Burnett Regions.

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Community Engagement Officer

Christine was originally born in Toowoomba but lived in Bundaberg for the majority of her life. 

Christine has owned and managed retail business for many years. She is married and has 3 children and 4 stepchildren, all grown and flown, so to speak.

After having a boatshed moment and selling up six years ago, her and her husband resettled in Brisbane educating, retraining and throwing themselves in to community service. 

Christing is now a trained counsellor and psychosocial recovery coach, as well as part owner of a small service provider business in this industry for the past 3 years.

The work that Christine has been doing promotes resilience and confidence in individuals.

After often visiting good friends, that live in the North Burnett areas, (and looking for a reason to re-locate), Christine became fond of the Burnett community and became very aware of the trials and tribulations many regional towns face as a community.

In the role as Community Engagement Officer for Red Earth Community Foundation, Christine is very keen to translate her skills into the Burnett Inland context and do all that she can to help promote and build confidence, resilience and independence for the communities of the Burnett region.



Community Engagement Officer

Trina is a part of the Disaster Resilient: Future Ready program

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Administration Officer

Jane is Red Earths first point of contact and ensures the administration of Red Earth runs smoothly.



Finance Officer

This position is currently vacant. All financial matters please contract Jan, Administration Officer



Admin Support

Tammy has worked all of her live in roles that have assisted and helped other people. From many years working for the local Health Care System to the behind the scenes of Corporate Agriculture. Tammy is a devoted wife to Lucas and mum to Montana and Jackson, that lives outside of Woorooin in the South Burnett region. 

Tammy has a love and passion for the land and animals, which comes from their farm 'The Bunya', where her husband and herself are the current custodians of the land, one that they desire and intent to leave a legacy for future generations by regenerating the land.

In recent years Tammy has been fortunate enough to be involved with, and associated with, some great individuals and organisation, which has helped her to define a much clearer vision and sense of purpose to her being. It is through this journey that has cemented for Tammy how powerfuld clear visions, goals and intent is to achieving great things. If Tammy can help in part, or some of these aspects within our communities of the Burnett Inland, she feels it will only ever be positive.

Tammy's values are to always look at things differently, see how changing our thinking changes our paradigms, changing our paradigms offers new directions and better outcomes for the Burnett Inland Community as individuals, families and as a whole.

A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains

Kevin Rose

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